Getting started

In order to embed Partoo inside your own webpage, you can use our JS SDK. The JS SDK will insert an Iframe in your webpage an provide you with an helper to handle this iFrame.

Notes on environments

Partoo provides its clients and partners with 2 environments:

Step 1 - Import JS SDK in your HTML page

You can import our JS SDK by adding this script tag in your <head> section :

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

It adds Partoo var that can be used by your own script.

Step 2 - Generate a connection token to authenticate your user

To display a Partoo app view, you need to authenticate your user by generating a connection token. The API endpoint documentation can be found here.

Step 3 - Display your first page

You first need to add a div in your HTML where the Partoo App Iframe is going to be inserted. For instance:

<div id="your-specific-id"></div>

Then to display you first Partoo App view inside your HTML page:

const connectionToken = 'connectionTokenGeneratedInPreviousStep'; // Connection Token you generated previously

const options = { // this is a list of options you can configure to adapt page display/behaviour
    'startPage': 'presenceManagement', // here the user will be redirected to the presenceManagement view after logging
    'displayIntercom': false, // true by default
    'displayUserParams': false, // true by default
    'displayAddButton': false, // true by detault

const partooPage = Partoo.init(
    'your-specific-id', // id of the div where you want the Iframe to be inserted
); // instantiates the Partoo page (A loader appears)

partooPage.login(connectionToken) // logs the user and redirects him to the `startPage`

Step 4 - Navigate through pages

Once you logged your user and land on the start page, you can navigate through pages using the generated partooPage. For instance:

partooPage.navigate('businesses'); // go to businesses list view

partooPage.back();  // return to previous page

partooPage.forward();  // opposite of back

partooPage.destroy();  // destory Iframe

Next Steps

Thanks to this quick tutorial, you learned how to display your first Partoo app view thanks to the JS SDK. To build a production ready integration, you might want to check the Guides.