Partoo is a JS object that it is made available globally when you add this script your page header.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


init (divId: string, options: Option Object)

Insert the iFrame in the div whose id equal divId and returns a Page .


  • divId (mandatory): id of the div where the iFrame should be inserted
  • options (optional): option JS object to override some behaviour on Partoo App. See Options object


Page is the JS object is returned by Partoo.init method. It provides a set of methods to manipulate the iFrame.

// Instantiating the page object that will handle the manipulation
// of the iFrame in the div whose id is 'divId'
const page = Partoo.init('divId');


setOptions (options: Option Object)

Set options to override some behaviour on Partoo App.


login (connectionToken: string)


There are known issues with Safari. If your are developing an integration for Safari, please make sure to check Safari integration limits.

Log user on Partoo App using the connectionToken and redirects to the startPage defined in Options object.


back ()

Go back to previous page.

forward ()

Go forward to next page. Opposite of back.

on (eventId: string, callback: Function)

Define a callback on a specific Partoo app event.


  • eventId (mandatory): Id of the event for which we want to define a callback. See Available callback events
  • callback (mandatory): Function that will be triggered on event. This function should expect one argument.


Options object

The options can be provided to both the Partoo global object (being default options) or to a page instance, result of Partoo.init() using the following syntax

var partooPage = Partoo.init(elemId, userToken, options);

options is an object with the following keys.

Parameter Type Default Description
startPage string businesses The navigation start page when doing login()
startPageAnchorParam string null Add an anchor param in the login url
displayIntercom boolean true Display the intercom help button in the lower right corner
displayUserParams boolean true Display the user’s parameter dialog
displayAddButton boolean true Display the add business button on the top banner
displayPartnerConnexionBanner boolean true Display the partner connexion (Google My Business) banner on edit
displayBusinessListSearch boolean true Display the search dialog on the business list
displayMultibusinessSelection boolean true Allow selection of multiple business on the business list
displayPresenceManagementDownload boolean true Display the download data button on the presence management view
displayLabButtons boolean true Display the Create Account button and Connection button in lab view
displayBusinessAdmin boolean true Display the menu item to close a business in edit view
displayLabConnectionForm boolean true Display the connection form when the business is found after lab search
displayEditBusinessSelector boolean true Display the business selector on the business edit view
displayLabFoundView boolean true Display the result of the lab when the business is already in db
businessFoundBannerText string '' Change the text of the lab business found banner